Special issue

The MM Science Journal offers media partnership for trade conferences organised by technical universities, research centres and institutes and other subjects in the field of mechanical engineering. Media support may include publication of a special issue of MM Science Journal, with an open acces full papers available on the webpages of the journal.


Realized projects:

2011 - 20th International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD), October 5-7 2011 Brno, Czech Republic

2012 - 9th International Conference on Machine Tools, Automation, Robotics and Technology (MATAR), September 12-14 2012 Prague, Czech Republic

If you are interested in any paper on the file, please contact us by e-mail (zuzana.zidlicka@mmscience.eu), and you will get the full PDF version for free.