Preparing and submitting your Paper Manuscript

Your original work/manuscript in MS Word accompanied with a Copyright transfer declaration form signed by all the authors following the guidelines given in the Paper Manuscript Instructions can be submitted electronically.

Those who are unsure about the suitability of their intended paper for MM Science Journal can send the title of their work with an abstract of up to 150 words along with contact details (business address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address) and an optional short professional Curriculum Vitae by Submission form or to for review.

All submitted paper manuscripts will be reviewed by two appointed reviewers with strong academic and industry experience. The reviewing process is a peer/blind review to ensure fairness and objectivity in selecting the best articles for the journal. In order to maintain anonymity during the review process, authors are requested to refrain from, or keep to a minimum, self-referencing.

Reviewers evaluate manuscripts critically but constructively to prepare detailed comments about the research and the manuscript to help authors improve their work.

The indentities of reviewers will not be released to authors. The reivew process is expected to be completed within 4-6 weeks, but delays may occur due to such events as conflictiong recommendations. Reviewers are asked to make one of four recommendations: acceptable as it is, acceptable with minor revision, acceptable with major revision, or not acceptable.

The reviewers assess the paper manuscripts against the following criteria:

• Topicality and significance;
• Novelty and degree of contribution to present knowledge;
• Quality of discourse and conclusions;
• Contribution to innovation and competitiveness in practice;
• Quality of description and validation of contributions;
• Quality of references;
• Formal quality.

Unless otherwise specified, the first named (corresponding) author will receive the final decision about the acceptance of the paper for publishing in MM Science Journal together with blind evaluations from reviewers. If accepted he/she will be requested to incorporate the reviewers’ recommendations and/or requirements for corrections if necessary into the work and return the paper manuscript to the editorial office as soon as possible. Other changes will not be allowed.

The decision to ask for revisions is made in light of the reviewers´ comments and recommendations, and after evaluation by the Editor.

If errors are found after publication, the publication of corrections or a retraction will be performed.

The Editor may reject manuscripts without outside review if, for example, the subject matter is outside the scope of the journal, a manuscript on the same topic is just about to be published, the quality of the manuscript is poor, or criteria for the submission of manuscripts are not met. The editor shall have no conflicts of interest with respect to articles they reject/accept.

The Copyright of published articles is the property of the Journal. It is an absolute condition that submitted manuscripts have not been published, and will not concomitantly be submitted or published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright to their article is transferred to the Journal (see Copyright Transfer Declaration), effective if and when the article is accepted for publication.