Publication Ethic & Malpractice

To be published in the MM Science Journal, original work is required: this means the submitted work has not previously or simultaneously been published (except when published as part of a published lecture, review, or thesis). Submitted manuscripts/articles must not be under consideration by other publishers for publication. (Please read the plagiarism section below).

With approval by all co-authors, the submitting (or corresponding) author is wholly responsible for the manuscript submission approval process. Exceptions should be negotiated on advance with the editors.

Copyright Transfer Declaration

An author may make an article published by the MM Science Journal available on his/her personal home page, provided the source of the published article is cited. Authors are requested to create a link to the published article in the MM Science Journal on-line.

The Editor expect each author (including any co-authors) to have read the complete manuscript and to take responsibility for the content.

While the advice and information in this Journal is believed to be accurate atrue, neither the authors, the editors, nor the publisher can accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made.

Duplication Publication

Substantial duplications of whole or partial works are not allowed, as restricted by copyright. If any duplication (texts, Figures, Drawings or Tables) is executed, clear information must be given to the Editor-in-Chief. In any cases, authors are responsible to obtain full reprint permissions from all previous publishers or copyright holders.


Whole or partial imitations (copies) of previous/prior works and presentation as your own original work is considered plagiarism. Authors may not use the cut and paste process in order to have multiple works published in multiple publications when little or no new information/knowledge is added. Authors who reuse substantial parts of their own published work without providing the appropriate references are quilty of  self-plagiarism.

Authors should try to avoid even minor plagiarism by given proper references to others' works and obtain proper permissions.

If plagiarism is found, the Editor-in-Chief and/or Editorial Board Member(s) will officially contact the authors' institutes and funding agencies, informing them of such academic misconducts. In addition, the article will be publicly marked online as being plagiarised with links to the uncited source material or the article will be retracted.

Resolution of complaints

Editors of the MM Science Journal will conduct a proper and fair investigation when an ethical complaint (concerning a submitted or published manuscript) is reported. This process may include contacting the author(s) of the manuscript and the institution, giving due process to the respective complaint. If the compaint has merits, proper action shall be taken (publication correction, retraction, etc.) Every reported action of unethical publishing behaviour shall be investigated even if it is discovered years after publication.

If errors are found after publication, the publication of corrections or a retraction will be performed.

The Editor may reject manuscripts without outside review if, for example, the subject matter is outside the scope of the journal, a manuscript on the same topic is just about to be published, the quality of the manuscript is poor, or criteria for the submission of manuscripts are not met. The editor shall have no conflicts of interest with respect to articles they reject/accept.

The Copyright of published articles is the property of the Journal. It is an absolute condition that submitted manuscripts have not been published, and will not concomitantly be submitted or published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright to their article is transferred to the Journal (see Copyright Transfer Declaration), effective if and when the article is accepted for publication.

Review Rules

Reviewers should evaluate manuscripts critically but constructively to prepare detailed comments about the research and the manuscript to help authors improve their work.

In order to protect the reviewers identity, every reviewer has its own ID number, that represents his/her in all communication toward the author(s).  The ID number is unique and it is strictly recommended, not to communicate its ID to anyone else.

To protect the authors identity during the reviewing process, MM Science Journal doesn´t communicate the author(s) name either. The author(s) are revealed when publishing. 

Guidance for reviewers